2 Main Advantages of a Seawall

Living on a beach has both pros and cons. On the one hand, it is a gorgeous place to live and it is wonderful to be able to swim, drive a boat, and do other water activities whenever you wish. However, the sea is a cruel mistress and your home can easily be damaged or destroyed by her wrath. To prevent this, you can get a Seawall. Here are the two main benefits of this feature.

1 Prevent Home Flooding

Water will go anywhere that it is able to when it is given access. And when it finds itself able to get into homes, it can cause thousands if not millions of dollars in damage. Most electronics and appliances will be ruined. Furniture and carpet will likely grow mold after becoming damp. If a watery storm is powerful enough, it can even break down the walls of your home. This can be prevented if you put up a sea wall while working with professionals who provide Palm Beach County marine construction.

2 Prevent Coastal Erosion

When the tide goes in and out, it always brings pieces of that land back with it. Water can cause particles of dirt, sand, and other sediments to disappear. If too much land is taken away, then your house will be in danger. The cliff that your house is on can collapse without enough land at its base or the water will be able to reach your front door. A seawall can stop the water from taking away the land that separates your home from the beach.

While it is true that a seawall can cost a lot of money upfront, the price is likely much smaller than the cost of possible future damages. It is definitely at least worth looking into if you truly want your beach home to be safe.

Author: Giuliano Forti