3 Things To Consider Before Moving

If you’ve recently decided to move, you probably have plenty of things to cross of your to-do list. Although this is an exciting time for both individuals and families, a move can be a stressful time since it often comes with a host of considerations.

When you’re browsing Smithfield VA homes for sale, you’ll want to consider things such as your budget, the neighborhood and the real estate agent you choose. Keep reading for some common areas to review before deciding which new home you want to purchase.

  1. Your Work Commute

Since most Americans spend 40 hours a week (or more) working, the commuting distance from your new residence is a big consideration when choosing a home. Using a GPS or digital map, research the time it will take to get to work from your potential new home. It’s also a good idea to drive the route during rush hours (early morning and early evening) to get a feel for traffic congestion.

If you work exclusively from home, you may want to consider local shared workspaces that might break up your week. Is there a coffee shop nearby that could serve as a location for potential meetings?

  1. The School District

If you have children, the school district is an important part of choosing where you want to reside. Will your kids be attending the local public school, or is there a private school nearby? How will the kids get to school each day? These are all important questions to ask when deciding where to live.

  1. The Price

Another huge consideration when moving is determining your price point. How much house can you afford while still living comfortably with extra money to spare? Home prices fluctuate throughout the year. Certain areas can be very comfortable and cost much less than other surrounding areas. Researching neighborhoods and best times to buy can be helpful in striking the balance between contentment and a comfortable budget.

Moving is often an exciting time, but it isn’t without its stressors. Be sure to consider your commute, the school district and your budget before making the commitment to a new home.

Author: Giuliano Forti