How Much Will It Cost You To Move in 2021

It all depends on how much you want to move. While some moves can be done with friends or family, others require professional movers. How much do moving companies charge? Continue reading to learn more about the factors that could affect your estimate for moving costs, as well as advice on choosing a moving company.

Choose Which Moving Services You Need

It’s a smart step to start planning. This will help you quickly narrow down your options and get a more accurate estimate on the cost of moving companies.

Professional movers can make your life easier. They pack your belongings, load them in a truck, and then unload them at their new destination. Many large, full-service moving firms offer a variety of services that will allow you to select the right service for you. You might find these options:

  • Planning: A coordinator or planner from a moving company might come to your house to conduct a walkthrough and offer packing suggestions, suggest the best dates for moving, and give you an estimate of the moving cost.
  • Unpacking: This service may cost extra if you are unable or unwilling to pack and unpack your own items. Reputable moving companies will have staff who are skilled in handling large, fragile or difficult-to-pack goods. It may be worthwhile to let them handle this job. You can also get partial packing services from some companies, where they will pack certain items and you will pack the rest.
  • Storage You can store your belongings to make moving easier. The storage services offered by a moving company may include temporary storage for items you don’t want to toss, long-term storage for items you aren’t ready to move to your new home, and anything in between. There are many options for moving companies that offer storage services, such as:
    • Climate-controlled storage is a way to control humidity, which can cause damage to items like wood furniture, artwork and documents.
    • Temperature-controlled storage, which can be the right choice for longer-term storage of items such as collectibles, appliances, and photos

There are many options for international, long-distance or local moving. You already know what type of move you need, based on where you live. Here are some things to keep in mind as you get quotes from moving companies.

  • In-state or local moving: This category includes moves of less than 100 miles. It is the most common, especially if they are within the same area. There will be more options for you to choose from, from students looking to make extra cash to professionals who specialize in local moves. However, you can negotiate a better price if there are more competitors.
  • Long-distance Moving: It can be stressful to move across the country. This means everything you own must be moved on one truck. And that truck has to arrive on time. Trustworthiness is as important as the price to ensure a successful interstate or cross-country move.
  • International moving – An overseas move will likely involve multiple modes of transport (on land, by sea and/or air), so you may have your belongings transferred from one service provider to the next. Every aspect of international moving can be more complicated than other types, from packing methods to customs procedures. It is important to do your research and understand all aspects before you hire one.

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