3 Things Your HOA Should Be Doing for You

A homeowner’s association, otherwise known as an HOA, is created to improve the neighborhood subdivision. While many people consider it a watch-dog unit because the team sends tickets for home issues, the overall purpose is it to maintain the area’s property value and enhance the location’s appeal. With that in mind, residents should be receiving something for their annual checks. The following are three things your HOA should be doing to make your place better.

  1. Implementing Safety Measures

While not a police force, the HOA often has the money and ability to reduce problems and assist in securing the premises. The board may close off the property, adding gates and guards. Cameras may be purchased and installed around the grounds to monitor behavior. In addition, the members may look for other improvements such as performing a fire hydrant flow test and improving lighting in parking areas and in high traffic zones. Finally, they could encourage and organize a community watch program.

  1. Maintaining Land and Structure

When potential buyers look at houses, they also consider the state of the grounds. Realtors show off the amenities and point out the place’s perks. Does the area have a park for kids? Is a pool available? How manicured is the lawn?

HOAs work with companies to keep everything looking pristine. Plants should be changed out yearly with the new season. Grass should be regularly mowed and edged. Furthermore, they could hire professionals to clean the retention ponds, avoiding unsightly algae buildup.

  1. Fostering a Sense of Community

The association is also responsible for bringing neighbors together, offering fun and exciting activities. On holidays, they should plan gatherings, giving people a chance to enjoy each other’s company. The first week of school, group could offer special treats for kids. This might be providing a fun gift bag or a simple ice cream party at the park.

An HOA could be a beneficial organization. Work with the board members to continue to augment the community, making it an enjoyable, safe and clean location to live.


Author: WebEditor