Different Home Heating Options for Cold Climates

Rising energy costs in a cold climate mean you will need to consider heating options for your home that are efficient and save money. There are several different ways to heat a home and some can work better depending on the climate you live in. Modern improvements in heat pumps, furnaces, zero-carbon solutions, and HVAC systems have focused on improving energy efficiency and increasing savings.

Different heating methods include forced air, heat pumps, furnaces, boilers and radiators, and geothermal. It is good to research what kind of system you want that will work best for a cold climate. Some systems will work better than others especially in more extreme cold climates. Speaking with experts in HVAC systems is an important step if you are installing a new system or updating an old one.

Home Heating Solutions

Here are some heating options to consider depending on where you live.

  • Forced Air – This kind of heating system is the most widely used and can be found in many homes. A series of ducts run through the home with heated air pumped through vents in the room. These types of systems are popular for their ability to rapidly heat rooms and for temperature adjustments.
  • Geothermal – A very efficient system that requires a unique system. Geothermal works by drawing heat from deep in the ground. They require a heat pump to operate. These systems can be effective in cold climates.
  • In-Floor Heating – This option has become popular in some cold climates. It involves the use of heated liquid run through pipes in flooring instead of forced air. The liquid is heated by the use of a water heater or boiler.
  • Hot Water Radiator – Heated water is run through baseboard radiator tubes that radiate heat. These have been used for many years in the traditional construction of homes.
  • Heat Pump Heating – These types of systems are modern and increasing in popularity. They draw from the ambient air and create heating or cooling. Typically, this system is for moderate climates.

Learning About Heating Options

Many HVAC companies that serve cold climates have been increasingly looking at modern systems that can help clients save money. Companies like https://www.denverheating-airconditioning.com/ Go Green Heating and Air Conditioning in Denver work with different types of HVAC systems in the cold Colorado climate including mini-split heat pumps and other modern heating options. One way to learn more about ways to efficiently heat your home is by speaking with professionals that are familiar with a range of systems. Different companies can share expertise in home heating systems that can work for you.


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