Four Types of Home Survey and What They Include

If you need a survey, then the type of survey you need and how much it costs you can depend on many different factors.

If you are purchasing a new home, it is recommended that you get a condition report, a valuation survey, a homebuyer’s report or a full structural survey.

If you are planning on a house renovation, it may also be advisable to have a structural survey.

What to Expect

If you are buying a new property, understanding the difference between a homebuyer’s report and a full building survey is essential.

Condition Report

A Condition Report is the best option for newly built properties or those that are in good condition. It is the least thorough of all the surveys, but it is still essential in order to meet legal requirements and highlight any risks.

Homebuyer’s Report

A Homebuyer’s Report is the same as a Condition Report but goes into a bit more detail and focuses on issues that may affect a property’s value, as well as highlighting any maintenance issues.

For example, a home buyers survey Kent from will give you some peace of mind about the condition of the property you have just made an offer on.

Valuation Survey

A Valuation Survey is often organised by the mortgage lender but is also recommended for house buyers who don’t require a mortgage, as it gives reassurance and also is a necessary requirement for buildings insurance purposes.

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Full Structural Survey

A Full Structural Survey is a good idea if the property you are buying is an older property. This is the most detailed and comprehensive of all the surveys and is essential if you are planning on making any structural changes or alterations to the property.

Architects working on the plans for any alterations will require a set of drawings in order to plan any changes. If the changes are relatively small or confined to a small area of the property, the architect themselves should be able to undertake the drawings as part of their service. However, if the renovations are on a much larger scale, then this may require a specialist survey company, especially if the property is subject to any protection orders.

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