3 Tips for Maintaining Your Pond

A bit of water can make all the difference to your landscaping. Whether you have a fishing hole in your backyard or a small, decorative pond near your house, water adds interest and a sense of tranquility to your property. Consider a few tips that may help you to keep your body of water looking beautifully year after year.

  1. Watch Your Fish and Plant Populations

Although it might seem like having more fish or more aquatic plants is a good thing, overpopulation of either one can harm the conditions of your pond. If your water is oxygen-deficient, you likely have too many plants and need to look into¬†aquatic weed control. Removing some plants can prevent¬†eutrophication, where plant respiration uses up a body of water’s oxygen supply, harming any animals present.

Having too many fish can also be a problem. Because your body of water is likely quite small, even small changes in pH and other chemicals can significantly affect the ability of your pond to support life. Consider giving away some of your fish and being careful to provide the proper amount of food so that animal and food waste don’t cause imbalances in the water.

  1. Keep Water Moving

Another important piece of advice is to install a pump in your pond in order to keep water slowly moving. Stagnant water may allow undesirable organisms to grow in your water, including different types of bacteria and bugs. The lack of aeration may also be harmful for fish and good plants.

  1. Maintain Clean Water

A final tip to consider is to keep your water free of debris. Your pump may be able to handle some of the cleaning process, but you will also need to clean the pump’s filter and use a pond net at times.

Although it may seem like a lot of work, having a little body of water of your own to enjoy can change the whole mood of your property. Consider making a few maintenance changes to keep your pond, and everything in it, as healthy as possible.


Author: WebEditor