Top Issues New Rural Homeowners Need To Address Before Moving Day

After years of living in the city, you’re ready for a move to the country. You want to have enough space to enjoy your yard, and you’re tired of feeling like you don’t have any privacy. While living in a rural area has many benefits, it also brings some challenges. Make sure to address these issues before completing your move to the country.

Water Source

Depending on how remote your new home is, you may not have access to municipal water lines. Also, if an accident or storm causes the water main to break, your pipes are the hardest to repair because you live the farthest from your plumber. As a result, you should invest in another source of water, such as a storage tank Tampa FL. Don’t forget to test your water source regularly to prevent infections or buildups of heavy metals.


Most people think of the country as safer than the city, but if something goes wrong, it takes a long time for help to get to you. Having a dog deters most robbers, but consider investing in a security system to increase your chances of staying safe.


Because rural houses are surrounded by fields and woods, their owners tend to have frequent run-ins with wildlife. Research the problematic animals in your new neighborhood so you’re not taken by surprise when your furry neighbors pay you a visit. Pay special attention to animals that are venomous, such as rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and cottonmouth snakes. However, you should also be aware of raccoon and fox infestations, since these animals frequently carry rabies and other diseases.

Living in the country allows you to enjoy nature and a slower pace of life. However, these peaceful benefits come at a cost. If you want to have a smooth transition, address these problems before the moving trucks arrive.


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