3 Tips on How To Prepare for a Hurricane

The sunny weather, sandy beaches and laid-back lifestyle attract millions of visitors to Florida on a yearly basis. For those individuals that choose to plant roots and invest in owning a piece of real estate, it is important to remain aware of hurricane season. Although these natural phenomena can create catastrophic damage, there are many ways to adequately protect one’s family and property by following a few simple steps.

Protect All Windows

Given the combination of torrential rainfall and high-speed winds, windows are especially susceptible to breaking during a hurricane. Items such as tree limbs, road signs and outside furniture can easily become flying projectiles that can cause significant structural damage. Whether it be plywood, metal panels or sliding shutters, it is imperative that all external glass areas are properly reinforced. Individuals that wish to see what is happening outside may find impact resistant windows West Palm Beach an ideal alternative.

Stock The Pantry

It is not uncommon for hurricanes to cause power outages and blocked roadways within residential communities. Individuals are often advised to have at least three days’ worth of food and water for each member of the household. This helps to ensure that the appropriate supplies are obtained should grocery stores become inaccessible. Canned food, water and other non-perishable items are highly recommended to have on hand.

Put Gas in Your Car

Following a hurricane, it may be difficult for cities to acquire or transport significant amounts of fuel to local gas stations. Individuals that have previously filled their car’s gas tank have a greater ability to travel for supplies or get to loved ones should the need arise. It may also be beneficial to have a container of gasoline in the event that a generator is needed.

Implementing a few precautions can come in handy when looking to live in a state that is prone to hurricanes.

Author: Giuliano Forti