Hazards You Should Prepare Your Roof For

A roof over your head is a metaphor for a comfortable, safe home. That is something that everyone strives for. Unfortunately, the roof is one of the most vulnerable points of a house. Think about it. Any type of weather is most likely going to hit the roof first. Now is the time to secure the hat of your dwelling. What elements are you dealing with here?


A single snowflake can be quite beautiful. Many people yearn for a white Christmas. However, this cozy occurrence can quickly turn south and lead to disaster. You may be asking yourself, how much does snow weigh? Heavy snow can certainly damage your roof and everything under it.


Hail is strange in that it is a form of ice that can occur in summer or any other warm period. Water droplets freeze at high enough altitudes to pelt you and your belongings on the ground, even when it is hot outside. A hailstone that fell in South Dakota in 2010 was 8 inches wide! That is certainly enough to put a dent in your roof, at the very least.


The wind is quite a powerful force. It can be strong enough to lift up a mobile home. Your roof is certainly not immune from these bouts of might. Gusts of wind starting at 50 miles per hour can start to damage your roof. Anything beyond 70 to 90 miles per hour almost guarantees it.


Damage to your roof from rain may not be obvious at first. It generally doesn’t have the strong impact that snow, hail and wind do right away. It is sneaky because leaks can form after a sustained series of small and medium-sized storms. As these leaks grow, they become more of a headache.

Simply put, weather is unavoidable. Although you may want year-round sunny weather with warm breezes, you probably know that won’t happen. Reading this guide can help you prepare for the conditions that you don’t want but will face anyway.


Author: WebEditor