Pre-Planning Is the Key to a Successful Move

Moving into a new home may appear daunting, but a little planning before you move makes the work more manageable. Here are some key points to help you organize your move before you contact local moving services Smyrna.

Make an Inventory

Always start your home inventory early in the moving process. Organize the inventory by room, and list every object that you want the movers to pack. Inventory apps are a great way to manage and update your list without hassle. As a bonus, having a complete home inventory on hand can benefit you for insurance purposes if any of your belongings are damaged or stolen.

Label Your Items

To help keep you and the movers organized, you can designate a color to correspond to each room, then apply colored stickers to the boxes with items that belong in that room. For example, you could put all kitchen items in boxes with a yellow sticker. Make sure to then apply that color code to the items on your inventory list. This ensures that you know what room a box belongs in without opening it. A detailed color-coding system can help you quickly know at a glance which box a stray item should be packed in.

Get Rid of the Excess

Getting ready to move is a great time to purge unnecessary items. Purging can be done after the initial inventory is complete, which will not only save in moving costs but also spare you the trouble of handling items that don’t provide value to you anymore. You can donate items such as clothing to charitable organizations, books and other media to local libraries, and furniture to non-profits that focus on rehabilitating and preserving homes.

Early planning can be the key to making a move less of a burden and ensuring your arrival in your new home is a successful and enjoyable event.


Author: WebEditor