Real Estate Moving Made Easy

If you are planning to move out of your house or apartment to another place, in or out of state, there are quite a choice when it comes to movers. For one thing, it is always better to start with a local moving company that is affiliated to local consumer protection agency. After that choice, go for estimates. Try to obtain at least three estimates for your move to begin with. When you call for the estimate, a representative of that carrier will come to your place and give a free report and price for the inventories you have. Most of the time, for short distance moving, the estimate is hourly based or cubic footage based. Long distance, on the other hand, calls for weight of the goods and distance traveled when estimates are given. Nevertheless, make sure that your things are packed, and the estimator has the correct list of items to be moved.

Again, moving companies rely on two types of estimates for their customers. Binding estimate is one in which the customer will pay the exact amount specified in the report paper after the job is done. In a non-binding estimate, the charges are not final. Instead, it may vary depending on several factors such as additional items, change of date and other services provided by the moving service. Of course, it is tempting to choose binding contract over non-binding one. But think about this – sometimes, a non-binding contract may be a better deal if it is lower than the binding contract and all inventories are accounted for. With a binding contract and change of plan, there may be additional paperwork and extra charges later.

Timing is another important factor to consider when you are on the go. Most moving companies are busiest around April, May and June. Yes, you figured that out right – families with children move during these months so that they can be on time to enroll in their new schools. Movers during the peak season overbook naturally. When moving is inevitable in your case around the busy months, the best thing you can do is check back with the movers 60 days prior to the booking, then again, a week before and several days before the move. When signing the documents, remember that oral promises about moving date means nothing. So, just like official sale contracts for any homes for sale in Waco Texas, get everything in writing. Better yet, schedule the move during the cooling period.

Liability is another issue that many people struggle with to comprehend. Know that moving companies are required to assume liability for the goods they are moving. This means, any damage to the goods on the way to the destination is their responsibility. However, the level of the liability may differ depending on what you signed for with the movers. If the items you are moving are valuable, you need to make sure that you are purchasing adequate protection from the carrier. Your home insurance policy might also have coverage for valuables during the move.

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