Vacation Villa Lodging Vs. Cruise Ships and Resorts

The monotony of the daily work routine can often leave us dreaming of warmer and more tropical locations. Throw in the fact that there are travel commercials on during the colder winter months. These commercials often feature luxurious beaches and resorts with couples strolling hand in hand down pristine beaches and families splashing about in warm and peaceful shallow water. It is not wonder why we all desire these types of relaxing and warm vacations.

When it comes to tropical travel there are two types that most people seem to flock to. The first type is the cruise ship. Cruise ships are large boats that carry hundreds and even sometimes thousands of travelers. These boats will depart from a coastal port and then travel for one to two weeks across tropical waters. In many cases these cruise shops travel to the Caribbean waters and stop at many islands. Cruise ships also commonly go along the coast of Mexico on both the Atlantic, pacific and gulf side. The ships will dock for a day, so the tourists can exit and experience was the local region has to offer. Many tourists will spend the day on the sandy beaches or shopping in the towns. Some tourists will also book day trips on land to experience local activities and attractions.

The second type of vacation that many people book are simply destination vacations. Many people enjoy all-inclusive resorts. They will fly into a set tropical destination and a resort shuttle will pick them and their luggage up. For the duration of a week or two the travelers will then stay at the resort and all of their meals and beverages are included. Many activities at the resort also are included. There are booking agents at each resort to book and coordinate day trips and adventures such as hiking, biking, snorkeling or shopping.

These are both wonderful vacation options for individuals and families that enjoy busy vacations that are full of other travelers. If you want to enjoy a more relaxed vacation that consists of only you and a few close friends or family members you will have to think outside of the box. You can rent a vacation villa on any tropical island and still experience the region and relaxation. Travel agents or web searches will bring up many options such as This will help travelers to decide what type of vacation villa they want to rent.

The rental fee of a vacation villa often includes a on-site chef to prepare all meals as well as grounds keepers that will keep the property and pool looking lavish. Maid service is included. Vacation villas are commonly found on beaches or in rain forests and there are local travel agents that can help book any day excursions you or your travel group may be interested in. The vacation villa takes away the crowds and the schedules that are included in cruising and resort travel. Vacation villas offer a more relaxing and secluded way to get away and truly unwind.

Author: WebEditor