A Basic Checklist for Selling Your Home

Selling a home is hard work, and it shouldn’t be approached flippantly. If you want to get top dollar, you have to put in some effort. Here are some basic fixes for when you have a home for sale Phoenix AZ.

Tend to the Exterior

Potential buyers will decide how they feel about your home before they walk through the door. If they must walk past overgrown bushes and dead flowers to get to your porch, they might have a negative reaction that casts a shadow on the rest of the tour. When you’re sprucing up the exterior, remember to remove cobwebs, paint the front door, repair porch railings and trim foliage. Additionally, pressure wash all surfaces and replace any dingy welcome mats or chair cushions.

Neutralize the Paint

Painting your house to leave it might seem like too much effort, but color choices make a world of difference. Bright colors should be replaced with neutral tones to minimize distraction. Also, remove any wallpaper that makes too much of a statement. Fill in nail holes or any other imperfections and sand everything down for a smooth finish. You want your home to look like it was just built so that potential buyers don’t get the impression that they’ll need to do a lot of work.

Consider Staging

If you have furniture that is specific to a certain style, it might not appeal to buyers. Even if you’re not selling a furnished home, your décor will have an impact on the buyer’s perception. If you think your home could benefit from fresh, neutral furnishings, consider hiring a home staging company. An experienced company will swap out your items with furniture that appeals to the largest number of buyers. Your home will show differently and will allow buyers to better understand the value.

When you are preparing to sell your home, remember that the work you do now will pay off tremendously when you’re closing. Staying organized and focusing on details will ensure that your house makes a great impression.


Author: WebEditor