Things To Know Before Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Properties will always be bought and sold, so a career in real estate will never be obsolete. However, real estate is a challenging business that requires continuing education, diligence, dedication and perseverance. You may be excited to get out of a cubicle and into the world, but you should be prepared for the time and work it will take to become successful in this industry.


Initially, you will need to research what your state requires to become a real estate agent. For example, your state may have a minimum age and educational requirements. You may need to submit to background and fingerprint checks. Exam eligibility and schedules should also be researched. In addition, some states have reciprocity statutes, so if you have your license from one state, you may not have to take another exam in a new state to use your license.


Initially, you will be required to complete real estate education Waltham from an accredited school. This coursework will provide you with a solid foundation for your career. It will discuss basic real estate principles, such as time management, property evaluation and sales skills. You will also discuss real estate ethics and laws as well as common industry practices. These state and national courses can be taken in person or online.

After you complete your coursework, you can sit for your real estate licensing exam. However, you will be required to pursue continuing education to ensure your license stays current.

Financial Preparation

Real estate agents do not receive regular paychecks like other careers. Their incomes are solely based on the properties they sell. If you are new to the industry or to your area, it may take some time to become established. Therefore, you should have some cash reserves to hold you over while you gain a reputation. If you create and follow a detailed business plan and maintain a flexible schedule, you can earn a comfortable yearly income as an agent.

If you are interested in a real estate career, choose a great school and start on your path today.


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