3 Colors and the Moods They Set

When you decide that you want to remodel your home, there are many things to decide. One of these decisions is what color you want each room of your home to have. One thing that you can do is think about the mood that you want a room to have and then match that mood with a certain color. To help you make a better choice, here are 3 colors and the moods that they give people.


Red is a stimulating color. It can make one hungrier easier. However, it is also associated with aggression and dominance. So, it’s likely not a good color for a calming place, such as in the bedroom or the bathroom. However, if you want to stimulate an appetite, it would be great in the kitchen. So be sure to use it in your kitchen remodel st louis mo.


Blue is a calming color. It can actually make your pulse slower and your body temperature lower. However, blue is also associated with a decrease in appetite, so don’t use it in your kitchen. Instead, use it to paint the walls when you are remodeling a calming room, such as the bathroom or the bedroom.


Like red, yellow is also a stimulating color. However, unlike red, yellow isn’t as associated with aggression and dominance. Like the sun, it can be friendly and warm and make you feel happy. So, it would perhaps be best to place this color in a room where you want to have a good time and need some energy, like in the living room.

Colors have a lot more of an effect on our mood and body than people think. It is for this reason that color theory and color psychology are fields of study. Look these ideas up if you need more help on how colors affect moods.

Author: Giuliano Forti